8 Things You Should Never Do While Tired

Posted on 15-10-2015 16:06:05

Tag: bodycare, healthy, lifestyle, prevention

Sure you already know you shouldn't drive a car while you're tired, but there are many other things you also shouldn't do. Check out this list of things to avoid doing while tired.

Don't hit the gym as hard as you can

When you are tired it's harder to focus on your workout and you're more likely to injure a muscle or cramp up. If you feel like you need to get in a workout when you're tired do light cardio like walking, biking or the elliptical machine. Also make sure that you eat something healthy for a pre-workout energy rush such as fruit.

Don't excessively drink caffeinated beverages

Although it may seem like an easy solution to your dreariness, your excessive caffeine consumption will pose more problems once it wears off. When the caffeine boost wears off, you will crash and feel sluggish. Five hours after you've consumed your last dose of caffeine, half of that remains in your body and if you're drinking this in the afternoon this can effect your sleep later that night. Instead of drinking caffeine chew a stick of peppermint gum. The peppermint will stimulate the nerves in your brain that are responsible for feeling awake and alert.

Don't instigate a fight with you’re your friend, partner, or family member

When you're tired you have a harder time being able to control your emotions, which means that a small disagreement with someone could quickly escalate into more. If you're feeling tired and have to deal with something that is bothering you between you and another person put it off if possible until the next day when you'll be more awake and have an easier time controlling your emotions.

Do not take a nap

Naps might be regarded as the logical solution to combat being over-tired, but unless they are not taken correctly you will feel even more tired and sluggish following your nap. In order to maximize the benefits of a nap without ruining your chances of falling asleep later in the evening you should take a 20 to 30 minute nap. The nap should also occur as early in the day as possible. 

Don't give in to your junk food cravings

When you're tired your brain has a harder time controlling your ability to resist temptation and make educated decisions. Your brain is looking for a dopamine release, and eating your favorite unhealthy food will release the dopaminie, however it will not be good for your diet. Even though you may be craving junk food, eat something that is high in protein and is overall a well balanced meal. Do not attempt to go to the grocery store as sleep-deprived shoppers have been found to purchase more higher-calorie food than those who are not tired.

Don't take on an important project at work

If you have something important looming over your heard at work, if possible do not make decisions regarding it while you are tired. When your brain is sleep-deprived you are more likely to perceive something as positive and less likely to recognize the possible negative outcomes. If you make a decision when you're over-tired, you might not feel the same way about it when you are fully rested.